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When facing an audit that could result in significant federal or state tax liability, it is important to get a  tax professional involved as soon as possible.  Auditors use methods designed to get information needed to apply technical rules and to make technical determinations that are frequently not apparent or  known to taxpayers.  A tax professional can furnish your information to the auditor and explain the rationale behind your reported income, deductions and credits in a manner designed to avoid unitended consequences from the audit process.  Few taxpayers have the experience to safely deal directly with an experienced auditor who is skilled at reaching conclusions that generate additional tax liabilities owed by the taxpayer.

If you are a Minnesota resident or business owner, and have received an audit notice or inquiry from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDR), talk to tax attorneys at Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC well in advance of your audit date.  Our attorneys will advise you about the audit process, tax law, and the options that will be available to you if the audit result is not satisfactory, such as administrative appeals, and possible court proceedings.

Accountants are excellent at “running the numbers,” but that doesn’t mean that they are experienced in negotiating with RS or MDR auditors.   Our experienced tax attorneys will work with your accountant, or with you directly,  to help frame and organize arguments for allowing deductions and credits.

In our experience, many audits are resolved favorably by the accountant who prepared the return in question, and sometimes even by the taxpayer on his or her own.   But when that does not happen, and the auditor proposes specific adjustments or tax collection measures, we are available to step in to help work out an offer in compromise, an installment agreement or pursue an appeal or litigation.

Experienced Minnesota Attorneys Handling IRS Audits

From offices in Edina and St. Anthony, we advise and represent clients throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.  If you are facing an IRS or MDR audit and want help, contact the firm for a consultation with a Minnesota tax audits attorney at Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC today.  We offer an initial consultation discount so we can learn about your tax problem and explain your options to you.