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Posts tagged "Delinquency"

Guess what? The IRS could be coming to collect in person

The IRS recently announced that it will be holding additional compliance events throughout this year, sending revenue officers to areas that have been underserved in recent years. The agency has identified those areas and is choosing high-priority taxpayers to visit in person.

Got a letter from the IRS about your cryptocurrency investments?

The IRS taxes cryptocurrency as capital gains, but it requires taxpayers to disclose every transaction, whether or not it resulted in gains or losses. If you have invested in Bitcoin or another digital currency and haven't disclosed it to the IRS, you may not have paid all the taxes due.

Minnesota businesses hit with tax delinquency notices

A failure to pay taxes can lead to serious consequences. A handful of businesses throughout Minnesota are experiencing the reality of these consequences after the Minnesota Department of Revenue updated its delinquency tax records and essentially shutdown a portion of their business.

“Zappers” back in the news with fraud charges filed

The sales suppression software, often referred to as “zappers” secretly delete most cash transaction. They make a company’s books appear accurate, but in fact they under report actual sales. Some estimates suggest this software exists on 30 percent of electronic cash registers.

The six stages of property tax delinquency in MN

Minnesota lawmakers are considering an increase to property taxes. Lawmakers in Hennepin County are currently taking a 5.5 percent increase into consideration. If the proposal becomes law, homeowners could see a spike in their property taxes in 2019. These obligations can be difficult to manage, but a failure to pay the tax bill can result in serious consequences.

Should you consider an Offer in Compromise with the IRS?

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is one options that anyone struggling with tax debt may take into consideration. This option is basically an agreement between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and a taxpayer where the taxpayer offers the IRS a payment lower than the tax obligation. The IRS accepts the payment and forgives the remaining tax balance.

Three ways to stop a tax levy on your salary

Getting hit with a tax levy may seem like something that could never happen to you. It seems unfair that the government can simply take your money directly from your paycheck, yet they do. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will employ this means of tax collection for overdue payments.

Why is the distinction between hobby and business important?

It may begin as a hobby. Perhaps a woodworking experiment or brewing gift set began as a fun pastime. But this new pastime has taken off. Perhaps you are spending more and more time on this hobby and you begin to wonder, could this be considered a business?

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