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The IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue take a close look at the returns of owners and operators of businesses, particularly operations such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs that historically have frequent cash transactions. It is not unusual for owners to receive official notice that their personal income tax returns and business tax returns and records are under review for unreported income or failure to pay sales taxes on revenues or withholding tax on employees. Often, corporate officers are surprised to learn that they may share responsibility for unpaid tax liability, in the event the corporate tax structure does not protect them from liability.

If you are the owner or operator of a business in Minnesota, or are located in western Wisconsin and own a Minnesota business or have a federal tax debt, dispute or question, and have received notification of an audit by the IRS or Minnesota Department of Revenue regarding an audit for possible tax evasion or underpayment of taxes, talk to our tax attorneys at Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC well in advance about responding to the notice.

In addition to being an experienced tax lawyer, attorney Mark Pridgeon is also a certified public accountant. With more than 35 years of professional work experience exclusively in the area of IRS and Minnesota tax accountancy and law, Mark has earned recognition as one of the Twin Cities area’s pre-eminent tax law attorneys. Attorney Dave Zoss has a Master of Law degree in Taxation to go along with over 40 years of professional experience as a licensed attorney, including nearly 30 years as an IRS litigation attorney. Dave taught law school-level federal tax classes on numerous occasions, and is also and is also a published author on tax and tax-accounting issues.  He also is recognized as one of the Twin Cities area’s pre-eminent tax law attorneys.

Business owners have rights under the U.S. and Minnesota tax codes. If your business is facing a serious liability for uncollected taxes, our legal team will evaluate your circumstances and give you an honest assessment of your options for moving forward.

“Our practice is founded on integrity and honest hard work for my clients. Tax officials know that we practice with respect for the law and zeal for protecting our clients’ rights. When we challenge a tax liability, our reputation for integrity often makes the difference.” – Attorneys Mark Pridgeon and Dave Zoss.

Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC has a record of successes helping clients resolve problems involving federal and Minnesota Department of Revenue liabilities for uncollected taxes, including resolving issues such as:

Minnesota Attorneys Handling Withholding Tax Cases

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