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The federal government (IRS) and the Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDR) are becoming more aggressive about auditing businesses for business taxes due and payroll withholding. If you are a business owner or financial executive and have received a notice regarding taxes or your payroll taxes trust fund, call the tax attorneys at Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC.

The state of Minnesota has added a significant number of civil tax investigators in recent years and has increased the number of audits on privately held small and mid-sized businesses. It is very important to respond urgently to the tax authorities’ request for additional financial information, but not until you know your rights. If the IRS or MDR suspect fraud, business owners and executive officers may be held personally liable for payroll taxes due, as well as interest and penalties. Business entities and involved individuals can also be subject to criminal charges and, like the increase in civil audits, aggressive criminal investigations of taxpayers by MDR are rising in Minnesota. 

Federal and state business tax laws are becoming increasingly complex. If you are the owner of a small or midsized business in the Twin Cities area, we can help you reduce your chances of a business tax audit.

Our attorneys each have more than 35 years of experience protecting employers and self-employed individuals in matters such as:

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From our offices in Edina and St. Anthony, Minnesota, the business tax lawyers at Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC advise and represent Minnesota business owners.  Do not delay responding to a federal or state tax noticeContact  Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC, for a no-cost initial consultation with an experienced tax law attorney right away.

A Note To CPAs And Business Tax Accountants

Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC, does not engage in accounting work or individual or business tax return preparation. We participate in individual and business tax audits only when we are asked to do so by the client or the client’s accounting firm.

Our lawyers work directly with every client. We do not subcontract cases to other tax law firms.

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