Tax season is upon us. While going through your tax filings you may wonder when you need additional help. In some cases, an accountant is sufficient. In others, you may benefit from the counsel of an attorney.

Examples of situations that warrant contacting a tax attorney include:

  • Starting up a startup. Looking to start your own business? It is a good idea to schedule a meeting with a tax attorney. Business owners will need to choose a business entity. Different structures, like a sole proprietorship or corporation, have different tax obligations. They may also need to pay business taxes and collect payroll withholdings. An attorney experienced in these matters can discuss the pros and cons of each entity and the minutiae of business tax obligations.
  • Ownership or interest in foreign assets. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues to crack down on reporting of foreign accounts. In some situations, the IRS requires those who own foreign assets to pay additional tax obligations. A failure to pay these obligations can result in penalties like additional fees or, depending on the severity of the violation, potential imprisonment.
  • You disagree with the IRS. It is also wise to seek legal counsel if the IRS is in the midst of an audit or has already provided the results of an audit and you disagree with their findings. An attorney can provide representation during the audit to better ensure your rights are protected and help structure an appeal if needed.

Tax attorneys can also provide guidance for those who have an unexpected or unmanageable tax bill. Many of these issues are time-barred. As such, it is wise to reach out if you have a question with a tax law matter.