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The six stages of property tax delinquency in MN

Minnesota lawmakers are considering an increase to property taxes. Lawmakers in Hennepin County are currently taking a 5.5 percent increase into consideration. If the proposal becomes law, homeowners could see a spike in their property taxes in 2019. These obligations can be difficult to manage, but a failure to pay the tax bill can result in serious consequences.

What are the consequences for failing to pay a property tax bill? A failure to pay property tax obligations can result in the loss of property. Confiscation of property is the last step the government can take to satisfy a tax debt. Before taking this step, the Minnesota Department of Revenue must satisfy the following stages:

  • Determination. The first step involves the county auditor making an official determination of delinquent property taxes. This involves a notice and delinquent tax list printed and signed by the district court administrator.
  • Notification. Next, the auditor will mail a copy to the property owner. A notification of the delinquency may also be published in a local newspaper.
  • Judgement. A court judgment will declare the delinquency, allowing for the state to obtain a future interest in the property and essentially resulting in a lien on the property.
  • Redemption. Taxpayers can remove the lien through one of two methods: three-year period of redemption or confession of judgement.
  • Expiration. If the property owner does not take action, the options for redemption will expire.
  • Conveyance. Finally, property ownership transfers to the government.

Those who struggle to meet their tax obligations have options. Contact an attorney to review your case and discuss the best possible resolution.

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