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January 2017 Archives

In the face of IRS unknowns, focus on fundamentals

In our post of Jan. 19, we noted how the IRS indicates that it will continue relying on business whistleblowers in tax collection efforts. The agency's recent report to Congress hails the fact that such tips resulted in collections of over $3 billion since 2007. Payouts to the whistleblowers were in the millions by comparison.

How much do you know about wage levies?

While most Minnesotans would greet the prospect of being in the crosshairs of the Internal Revenue Service with little enthusiasm owing to the agency's extensive resources and willingness to deploy draconian collection measures, they may not harbor such trepidation when it comes to the Department of Revenue.

Report suggests IRS tax whistleblower program will grow

The IRS uses many tools to identify and go after individuals to meet their tax obligations. Those with experience dealing with federal or Minnesota tax issues know that one of the most common is the audit. The error many people seem to make, though, is drawing the conclusion that an audit means the agency already believes the taxpayer is guilty of doing something illegal.

What 'snowbirds' should know about part-year residency

After the latest round of snow and frigid temperatures hit Minnesota this week, there were undoubtedly more than a few "snowbirds" -- those who seek refuge from the winter in warmer climes -- happy to be thousands of miles away from the place they call home for much of the year.

Key tips if you owe back federal or state taxes

Due process is an important element of our legal system in Minnesota and the rest of the U.S. If you are facing criminal charges, due process requires the government to follow procedures in protection of your rights. Call it a matter of upholding the ideal that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Some taxpayers now have a permanent 6-month filing extension

Tax policy changes regularly. 2017 could prove to be one of the bigger years for adjustments considering a new Republican president is taking office, backed by GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress. What shape tax policy may take is impossible to forecast. One thing that is not likely to shift is the government's focus on making sure taxpayers with funds in foreign bank accounts meet the tax obligations owed on that money.

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