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September 2016 Archives

Can popular artists count on fans to erase tax debt?

Paisley Park opens its doors for public tours starting next week. Readers in Minneapolis and western Wisconsin who happen to be fans of Prince probably already know this. What is also common knowledge is that managers of Prince's estate are making this move because it's estimated he may owe as much as $150 million in estate taxes.

State Supreme Court ruling upholds taxation of the whole, not parts

When you buy a car in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you pay a sales tax on the price of the whole vehicle. You don't, nor should you expect to, pay taxes on the purchase of every individual part that goes into that vehicle. Many experts would likely argue that such a practice is inherently impractical and perhaps represents a misapplication of state tax authority.

After a bad audit, preparing for the appeal process

No one likes to hear that the government is auditing them. Whether the Internal Revenue Service or revenue officials in Minnesota or Wisconsin wield the fine - toothed comb, the prospect of the process is enough to leave a person with a major lump in his or her throat.

What tactics might be used to recover delinquent taxes?

Have you heard of statutes of limitations? These are laws that elected officials pass that put a time limit on when government can take enforcement or prosecutorial action. There is no statute of limitations on murder. There are on lesser crimes in Minnesota and elsewhere. Even the IRS faces limits on how long it can go after those alleged to have liability for unpaid taxes.

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