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June 2016 Archives

IRS case against bakery enough to make more than dough rise

We have written before that when a Minnesota taxpayer is in a dispute with the IRS, it's important to have the right representation. The level of success may well depend not only on whether you have a qualified accountant at your side, but also if you have an experienced tax lawyer with you.

'Not collectible' status doesn't lift tax obligation

Not everyone is flush with ready cash at any given moment. Many families in Minneapolis-St. Paul work on tight budgets. So, when the IRS drops a notice on you that says you have an outstanding tax obligation due, it may not only come as a surprise but also cause you a lot of consternation. If you don't have the funds available to pay, what are you supposed to do?

What are the chances of an IRS audit and should I worry?

Most people don't cheat on their taxes. The forms aren't all that easy to comprehend and fill out, even if you are a certified public accountant, so someone in Minnesota might innocently make a mistake in calculations or reporting. None of that means much, however, if you receive notification from the IRS that you are being audited.

On amended tax returns, and why you shouldn't worry too much

So you filed your tax return a few months ago and it feels great to have your tax refund in the bank. You go about your day merrily, thinking nothing of it. In fact, days, weeks and even months pass before you even think about that tax return. One day, it just pops into your head: "Oh no, I made a mistake on my tax return! They are going to audit me for sure!"

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