Those who own or operate a business in Minnesota are likely familiar with paying their taxes and the different types of tax for which they are responsible. However, tax law can be complex, and even experienced business people may face a review of either their personal or business taxes. When this happens, they can benefit greatly from the advice of an experienced professional who will consider all factors of their personal situation. Mark A. Pridgeon, Attorney at Law, and his team have assisted many people who are facing liability from uncollected taxes.

Mark has the added benefit of being a certified public accountant, in addition to being qualified to advise on tax law. For past clients, he has examined their specific situation and made recommendations based on all of the available options. He not only serves the best interest of his clients, but he works to ensure that they are in full compliance with the law.

Whether you are facing a liability involving payroll tax withholding, an audit, liens or other uncollected tax issues, you deserve to have your choices and circumstances fully explained. Some business owners may not be aware of the potential ramifications of unpaid taxes. It is important that they receive honest assessments of their rights and their responsibilities.

Here in Minnesota, it is imperative that those facing tax liabilities get the assistance they require. If you have further questions about uncollected taxes, our website may offer some clarification. For business owners, this can have a great deal of impact on your company.

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