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A taxpayer’s rights do not cease with an adverse audit result

Many taxpayers in Minnesota and nationally will readily confess to having a bit of fear regarding their dealings with the Internal Revenue Service.

That may not be such a bad thing if it is rational and promotes logical actions. Knowing — or at least strongly believing — that the IRS is routinely scrutinizing tax-related documents and entries can certainly promote accuracy in tax paperwork and filings.

For some people, though, their fear about the agency — and, for some Minnesotans, their ancillary concerns regarding the state’s Department of Revenue — can easily become irrational and counterproductive.

Here’s a central point to note and remember about state and federal tax authorities: As imposing as those agencies might seem, they do not command limitless powers. Like other government actors, they must operate within reason and are subject to a number of rules and regulations that render them accountable to taxpayers.

Take the appeals process, for instance. Some filers might tend to just passively acquiesce to an adverse audit result and seek to do nothing about it, even if they believe state or federal authorities made material errors in a tax ruling.

That mindset is unfounded. Taxpayers need to know that they have the right to appeal an adverse tax action, and that an experienced tax attorney can play a central and wide-ranging role in correcting audit errors.

We play that role with pride and passion on behalf of clients who seek our help, representing taxpayers before the appeals division of the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue and, when necessary, in state or federal court.

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