Does receiving an audit notice from the IRS equate to an allegation by the tax agency that you’ve done something wrong in filing your taxes?

Many taxpayers might want to simply take a deep breath and try to relax upon locking eyes with IRS audit-related correspondence in their mailbox. As the agency notes on its IRS Audits webpage, filers are sometimes selected for audit by pure random chance. In other instances, an audit may result solely because the agency believes a taxpayer has some investment, business-related or other nexus with another party that is being audited.

And then, of course, there are cases in which an audit notification arrives (as the IRS notes, only by mail or telephone) that does spell out some perceived inconsistency in a taxpayer’s filing documents. The agency might allege, for example, that key attachments are missing or that the numbers don’t add up.

In such cases, a filer obviously needs to take prompt and purposeful action. In fact, every audit notice from the IRS should be taken with utmost seriousness, including due consideration of whether assistance from a proven tax attorney well versed in dealing with the IRS should be secured.

That is often a beneficial move for an audited Minnesota resident or any other taxpayer across the country, given the official nature of an audit and the tax complexities that can feature in a select case.

Assistance from experienced legal counsel can ensure a proper and timely response to IRS questions, as well as help present relevant information and frame and organize arguments that might reasonably need to be made. Additionally, and in the event that money is owed, a seasoned tax attorney can negotiate with the IRS on a plan that allows for installment payments or a reduction in the debt amount originally demanded.

And, of course, an IRS-experienced tax attorney can work provide studied and strong assistance in any audit appeal, ensuring that a client’s legal interests are fully protected and promoted.