An immediate reality for any person in Minnesota or elsewhere in the country who is challenged by tax authorities is that the resulting interaction will be centrally marked by an immense disparity in power and resources.

On the one hand is an individual. Squared off against this one person is a bureaucracy with vast investigatory and enforcement powers. As we have noted on our legal website, any taxpayer called before the Minnesota Department of Revenue or the federal Internal Revenue Service is “confronting the largest and most aggressive” of all agencies in American government.

That behooves an ally, especially one with strong legal training and extensive experience representing clients in tax-related matters at both the state and federal levels.

Proven tax counsel can provide central assistance to a taxpayer under challenge in myriad ways. For a person facing an audit, for example, a tax law attorney can work with accountants and other tax professionals to ensure that the taxpayer’s legal interests are fully promoted and that a fair outcome results.

That same focus on fairness and an optimal resolution extends to all other matters involving tax considerations, as well. As we noted in our immediately preceding blog post (please see our August 20 entry), an experienced tax attorney can help a person challenged by back taxes secure a viable payment option, whether through an installment agreement or offer in compromise. That attorney can also craft strategies that optimally respond to other tax-agency challenges, as well as help clients timely and purposefully deal with notices and appellate matters.

At Mark A. Pridgeon, Attorney at Law, I help clients in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with tax matters spanning a wide universe of concerns, bringing an integrated background as a former IRS attorney and licensed CPA to bear on behalf of client concerns.

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