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January 2014 Archives

McDonald's hopes to avoid being French fried after tax audit

When a company is growing into international markets, it's a sign of success. At the same time, however, businesses must work within a patchwork of laws when expanding business operations into a new country. Of course, this also means companies must take steps to adapt to differences in tax liabilities between nations.

Be aware of tax liabilities associated with clearing non-tax debt

As the new year continues to settle in, many Minnesota residents are beginning to think about their state and federal income tax filings. Of course, this means it's necessary to gather records of income related to work, investments and other financial instruments. What some people may not realize is that that canceled debt is also considered a part of overall income.

Conservation organizations worry about losing tax-exempt status

Minnesotans value nature and the outdoors. In order to keep the state's natural heritage vibrant, conservation groups may buy up pieces of land in order to prevent development. These groups often rely on achieving tax-exempt status in order to continue to fulfill their mission of preserving natural beauty. Without tax exemptions, it may become very difficult -- or impossible -- to continue operating.

No good deed goes unpunished: IRS disputes Forbes' tax deductions

Federal tax code is designed to reward charitable giving by allowing exemptions so long as they fall within legal guidelines. Of course, the Internal Revenue Service can scrutinize these deductions in an effort to file tax deficiency claims.

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