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Hundreds of IRS contractors accused of failing to pay taxes

Life can be full of twists and turns. Keeping this in mind, a person’s financial fortunes can change almost overnight. A medical emergency could create a significant amount of debt, leaving an individual wondering what to do next. In this situation, it’s not hard to understand why people may suddenly be unable to pay their bills, including those for the Internal Revenue Service.

Interestingly enough, a recently released federal report claims that almost 700 IRS contractors have tax debt. These are individuals who are likely well aware of tax laws, but might have fallen into financial trouble or made honest mistakes in their filings. Regardless, they still deserve the benefit of being able to deal with allegations of back taxes in the same way anyone else would.

To complicate this issue, the IRS is one of the federal agencies that requires employees and contractors to file federal tax returns accurately and on time. As a result, those who are accused of failing to meet their tax liabilities and aren’t enrolled in a repayment plan could be out of a job.

A statement from the IRS reiterated the fact that any accusations of noncompliance are taken very seriously, no matter who the claims are lodged against.

Even though a person may have a working knowledge of the federal tax code, it might not hurt to seek advice when IRS officials are going after those they believe failed to follow the law. Knowing how seriously tax violations are taken by the federal government, it often takes swift, thoughtful action to provide a long-term solution to the issue at hand.

Source: The Associated Press, “Nearly 700 IRS Contract Workers Owe $5.4 Million In Back Taxes: Report,” Stephen Ohlemacher, Oct. 23, 2013

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