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September 2013 Archives

Toy magnate could face jail time for back taxes on foreign income

In the 1990s, people across the country lined up for hours to purchase Beanie Babies. High demand for the stuffed animals caused them to become instantly collectible. Since that time, however, interest in the product has diminished, and the toy's creator, H. Ty Warner, has seen this reflected in his company's income.

What can happen after a property tax lien is issued?

When local tax officials believe someone has failed to pay a property tax bill, they might issue a lien. At this point, individuals must work to resolve their debt, or they could have their property repossessed. Obviously, this can create an entirely different set of problems.

Tax policy shift will affect restaurants and servers

Many people working in the food-service industry rely on gratuities provided by customers. Since tips are considered a type of income, tax officials have an interest in those particular earnings. In order to help capture taxes, the Internal Revenue Service will be enforcing a new tip-related tax rule in 2014.

Jackson estate tax controversy could prove to be a thriller

The estate tax is among the most discussed forms of taxation in the country. In addition to the estate tax assessed by the state of Minnesota, the federal government also taxes estates' assets that are valued above the exemption. Over the last couple years, the amount set for the exemption has shifted, but estate tax liabilities are based on the law in effect at the time a person passes away.

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