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August 2013 Archives

What will cause tax officials to conduct an audit?

For any number of reasons, a person may not be able to complete his or her income tax filing in time for the standard April 15 deadline. If this is the case, then the Internal Revenue Service may be willing to allow a 6-month extension, which would require individuals to file by October 15. As the extension deadline approaches, many may be wondering what impact the modified due date will have.

Self-employment taxes could create confusion, stress

Tax time can be very stressful, especially when changes are made to tax laws and rates. For Minneapolis residents who are self-employed, however, tax season can be particularly chaotic. In addition to completing normal job-related tasks, it's also necessary to handle tax filings.

Minnesota jackpot winner will likely face large tax burden

At one time or another, everybody has imagined what they would do if they won the lottery. Some people would pay off their debt, travel around the world, give to charity or make wise investments. Although there is no set path for lottery winners, one thing is certain: they will face a sizable tax liability.

Minnesota artists waiting to see how tax case could affect them

What makes an artist an artist? If someone says she is an artist, is that sufficient? What if all her income is earned from artistic endeavors such as painting, music and other kinds of performances? It would probably seem to most people that such a person would be considered to be an artists for all intents and purposes.

Make sure to notify the IRS if you are moving

If you are planning on moving your business to a new address, make sure to file the appropriate paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service. In one recent case, a taxpayer’s failure to properly notify the IRS of an address change barred it from challenging a tax lien.

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