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July 2012 Archives

IRS dispute threatens bald eagle's owners

If a piece of art cannot be legally sold, how can it have a value? In the drug world, those items which are possessed and cannot be legally sold (heroin for example) are confiscated by the government. In the art world, it seems an item which is possessed and cannot be legally sold (because it contains a stuffed bald eagle) is taxed by the government.

Tax nonpayment nets jail time for Minnesota business owner

Nonpayment of federal taxes is a very serious matter and can land someone in prison. Famously, the gangster Al Capone who was said to vacation on White Bear Lake, Minnesota, was put in prison not for murder or racketeering, but for federal tax evasion.

New rule protects citizens from emergency room debt collection

Our Minnesota readers probably know that years ago there were national laws created to protect consumers from creditor harassment. For example, to collect a past-due credit card debt, a collector must refrain from abusive practices such as after-hours phone calls.

Misstating income results in fraud and four guilty pleas

Normally when one thinks of tax fraud, one thinks of big crooked deals cooked up by shady characters. One doesn't think of a 52-year-old woman in Duluth misstating her income by less than $7,000 over four separate tax years.

Independent contractor or employee: the IRS wants to know

Imagine your Minnesota business has workers with desks in your building, who maintain regular hours and receive instruction and guidance from management. Are those people independent contractors? Not likely.

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