In many ways celebrities are just like us. They work hard at their jobs. They get married — they divorce. And they file their tax returns.

For Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic gold medalist and world champion skier from Minnesota, her career and marriage and taxes all combined into one story. The Internal Revenue Service reportedly filed a tax lien of more than $1.7 million against Lindsey and her estranged husband.

It is no secret that Lindsey Vonn is a popular sports celebrity with endorsements for Red Bull, Proctor and Gamble, Under Armour and Rolex. Recently she has also been in the news for her pending divorce from her husband of four years, who was also her manager.

According to news reports, Vonn claims that the unpaid taxes had only recently been brought to her attention. Apparently, they are from the couple’s 2010 tax return which was filed on time.

Vonn used her Facebook page to state that the taxes owed to the IRS gave her an important lesson about being in control of her own finances. She stated it was a mistake that she would not make twice.

News reports reveal that Vonn paid the taxes within a matter of weeks so one can assume that the IRS has been satisfied.

The issue with back taxes owed and tax liens is that if not paid, or if an agreement is not made with the IRS, penalties and interest can continue to accrue.

Vonn’s life on the mountain has been more successful lately than her life off the mountain. Vonn recaptured the title of World Cup champion and won the downhill, the super-G and combined titles.

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