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When facing an audit that could result in significant federal or state tax liability, it is important to get your personal accountant involved as soon as possible. If possible, your accountant should accompany you to the audit, in order to explain the rationale behind your reported income, deductions and credits.

If you are a resident of the Twin Cities metro area or western Wisconsin, and have received notification of an audit by the IRS or Minnesota Department of Revenue regarding an audit, talk to tax attorney Mark A. Pridgeon well in advance of your audit date. Mark will advise you and your accountant about tax law and how the courts are likely to interpret the auditor's decisions, in the event you choose to appeal or litigate the findings.

Accountants are excellent at running the numbers, but that doesn't mean they can handle negotiations with the IRS or Minnesota Department of Revenue. Mark is a licensed CPA and an experienced tax attorney. He will work with you and your accountant to help frame and organize arguments for allowing deductions and credits. Mark does not accompany clients to their initial audit meeting or initial phases of the audit. In his experience, the actual audit process is best left in the hands of the accountant and taxpayer. When the auditor proposes specific adjustments or tax collection measures, Mark is available to step in to help work out an offer in compromise, an installment agreement or pursue an appeal or litigation.

Experienced Minnesota Attorney Handling IRS Audits

From offices in Edina, tax lawyer Mark Pridgeon advises and represents clients in communities throughout Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County and Washington County, Minnesota, as well as St. Croix County in western Wisconsin. If you are facing a significant tax liability of $20,000 or more, contact the firm for a no-cost half-hour initial consultation with Minneapolis tax audits attorney Mark A. Pridgeon, Attorney at Law, today.