Self-Employed Tax Payments In Minnesota

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Self-employed professionals and independent contractors are always under the watchful eye of the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDR). Self-employed people who fail to withhold and pay the required amount of estimated income taxes and self-employment taxes (FICA) face an assessment for the total amount of taxes due plus penalties and interest. In addition to the taxes due during the current tax year, auditors may choose to review returns going back several years. If any red flags are found, the financial damages can be devastating.

If you are a self-employed person in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area and are facing an audit or have already received a notice of more than $20,000 in self-employed tax payments due, call the law firm of Mark Pridgeon, Attorney at Law, in Edina.

Self-employed professionals are entitled to business deductions that tax authorities often call into question. Mark is a self-employed tax law attorney who understands the tax code for self-employed individuals. He will aggressively fight to help you protect the credits, deductions and exemptions you are entitled to.

Mark is a former IRS attorney who has decades of experience working with self-employed people who are facing the harsh financial consequences for failing to withhold taxes or under-reporting earnings. He is recognized as a prominent tax law professional in the Twin Cities area. He offers a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to evaluate your case and explain your best options for resolving your tax matter as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Some options for helping self-employed individuals facing severe tax penalties include:

  • Offer in compromise, whereby the taxpayer and tax authorities agree to a lesser amount of taxes owed
  • Installment agreements, with the tax authorities allowing monthly or quarterly payments over a period of time
  • Tax appeal to challenge an auditor decision or the assessment of taxes owed
  • Tax litigation in tax court to dispute the amount owed
  • Negotiating with the tax authorities to place the account into a currently not collectible status for temporary relief from payment

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Integrity is the hallmark of the firm's success. State and federal tax officials recognize Mark's commitment to the ethical representation of his clients.

When you meet to discuss your self-employment tax liability notice, you will find Mark and legal assistant Saree Olson to be professional, courteous and approachable.

Mark works directly with every client and does not subcontract cases to other tax lawyers or tax workout firms.

Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Evening and weekend appointments may be available by special arrangement. Within the general Twin Cities metro area, call 952-232-0371. In Wisconsin, call toll free 877-221-1651. You may also use the convenient email contact form to explain your circumstances and request a consultation.