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The Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDR) is well-staffed and takes its responsibilities very seriously. If you have received an MDR notice informing you of a pending review of your tax returns, an audit or taxes owed, don't lay it aside and don't try to handle it yourself. There are many options an experienced Minnesota tax attorney can present that the MDR tax officials won't tell you about.

If you live or own a business in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and have received a tax notice from the MDR, call Pridgeon & Zoss, PLLC, in Edina. Attorneys Mark Pridgeon and David Zoss have decades of knowledge and experience in all areas of options for outstanding balances, tax disputes and appeals, and appropriate responses to MDR and IRS notices. We offer a free consultation to review your case and explain what strategies are available to help you work toward a reduction of the amount owed, as well as avoid the interest and penalties the state of Minnesota may try to impose.

Urgent! Unpaid Tax Balances Can Result In Long-Term Problems.

Do not delay responding to a federal or state tax notice. Contact the firm for a no-cost initial consultation with an experienced Minnesota tax law attorney right away.

Do You Really Need A Lawyer For Minnesota Department Of Revenue Notices?

While it is true that you can certainly represent yourself in any tax matter, there are several reasons why you shouldn't. Here are some advantages and benefits an experienced attorney with a reputation for integrity and excellence can offer:

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