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Rely on FAQs at your peril

If you have questions about immigration to the United States, you go to, the official website for the Citizenship and Immigration Services. They have a Frequently Asked Questions area you can turn to and hopefully get straight answers to specific questions. The same goes for most of the major departments.

Gig economy growth has serious business tax implications

It's hard to know how large the so-called gig economy is and how fast it is growing. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says current data sheds some light on the subject, but the agency admits it's unreliable because it's so old. One report by the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program, credited by some as the most trustworthy, says the number of workers in the gig economy has grown by about 27 percent in the past 20 years. But who really knows?

In taxes, IRS gets first call on what's a frivolous argument

What is silly? What is frivolous? To call the sky yellow on a clear day surely fits the bill. Someone might try to make an argument for yellow skies, but most people will write it off as nonsense. At best, it might be dismissed as that person's opinion.

The effect of constructive receipt on income taxes

Minnesota residents know that they have to report wage income on their tax returns. Typically, income is reported on a W-2 or a Form 1099. However, there are other forms of income that may need to be reported even if no cash is involved. The concept of constructive receipt says that an individual must report income when he or she has the right to receive it.

In political transition, certainty on taxes is harder to come by

When it comes to tax strategies there are the before tactics and after tactics. The after tactics are those a person may draw upon if they are already under notice from the IRS that they face a serious tax liability. By working with experienced counsel, you can come up with a plan for how best to challenge the claim or work to resolve it.

Some taxpayers now have a permanent 6-month filing extension

Tax policy changes regularly. 2017 could prove to be one of the bigger years for adjustments considering a new Republican president is taking office, backed by GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress. What shape tax policy may take is impossible to forecast. One thing that is not likely to shift is the government's focus on making sure taxpayers with funds in foreign bank accounts meet the tax obligations owed on that money.

Some Minnesota taxpayers eligible for relief after fall floods

When nature makes itself felt in a major way, you don't really have a choice on how to respond. You just do what you have to do to survive. This is something that Minnesotans understand. Whether they live in the Twin Cities or in more rural areas of the state, weather has a way of creating demands that have to be dealt with immediately.

Considering moving out of the U.S.? Don't lie about your assets

Before Nov. 8, a lot of people proclaimed they would leave the country if a particular candidate won the presidential election. With the election over, many may be thinking about making good on their pledge -- maybe not too many from Wisconsin or Minnesota, but from elsewhere.

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