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Delinquency Archives

Is there a statute of limitations on IRS collection of taxes?

For nearly every legal action, there is a point after which the case cannot be pursued. This is called the statute of limitations. Under Minnesota law, the shortest period of time in which a civil case can be brought is two years. The shortest period for criminal cases is three years. There is no statute of limitations in cases of murder.

Tax delinquency could mean you can't get there from here

Do you remember the FAST Act? Despite the implications of the acronym on that 2015 law, there are elements of it that have the potential for putting the brakes on some individual's travel plans. As we noted in a pair of posts a year ago at this time, while the U.S. State Department is responsible for issuing passports to U.S. citizens, the IRS has authority to leverage this identification form to collect delinquent taxes.

What could happen if I'm delinquent on taxes?

We don't know too many individuals who would say that business taxes in Minnesota are too low. The state has a well-documented reputation as being one of the 10 worst in the country when it comes to the business tax climate. Wisconsin doesn't rank as poorly as Minnesota, but according to, it's in the bottom half.

What tactics might be used to recover delinquent taxes?

Have you heard of statutes of limitations? These are laws that elected officials pass that put a time limit on when government can take enforcement or prosecutorial action. There is no statute of limitations on murder. There are on lesser crimes in Minnesota and elsewhere. Even the IRS faces limits on how long it can go after those alleged to have liability for unpaid taxes.

There's nothing juvenile about being tagged tax delinquent

When a Minnesotan who has not reached the age of majority violates the law it's not called a crime, at least not most of the time. Rather, it's called a delinquent act. Because the perpetrator is not an adult the penalties for wrongdoing tend to be less severe.

IRS notice types seem endless, and none can be ignored

Tax issues can be a tangled mess to sort out. It's not unusual for a taxpayer in the Twin Cities area or the western part of Wisconsin to be thrown so much for a loop by a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that it leaves them frozen in their tracks. That's exactly the wrong reaction to have, however.

Nexus schmexus: Report claims businesses confused about sales tax p2

If you are a toy store in Minneapolis, you collect a 7.775 percent sales tax on most in-store transactions. The tax does not all go to the state: Minnesota's sales tax is just 6.875 percent. But Hennepin County has a 0.15 percent tax and Minneapolis a 0.5 percent tax. That is all rounded out with the Transit Improvement Tax of 0.25 percent. If you are new to business, you could easily be confused.

Can't pay your back taxes all at once? You have other options, p2

In August we wrote about a friend who spent a little more than a week believing that she owed the Internal Revenue Service about $10,000. With the help of her tax attorney, she was able to clear the matter up. Still, she woke up every morning that week in a cold sweat wondering how on earth she was going to come up with that kind of money.

Minnesota found good for business in spite of taxes

Taxes and other "structural" aspects of a state's economy often receive great attention. For one, they are easy to identify and the arithmetic is grade school level. High taxes are seen as a negative and low taxes are a positive. But if you have to run a business, you know that taxes are simply one of many factors in how well your business may function.

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